2nd Council Meeting 2023 Paediatric Upper Limb Project Europe, PULPe 10-13 May Rimini, Italy​

Friday 12 May at 12:45 – 13:45 (lunch break)

At FESSH Rimini: Meeting room Orologio (1st floor)

When               Friday 12 May at 12:45 – 13:45 (lunch break)

Where              At FESSH Rimini: Meeting room Orologio (1st floor)

Who                 Open to surgeons, therapists and other professional interested in paediatric hand surgery



Welcome                  – Summary of past activities
                                   – PULPe awards for the best paper of the year    
                                   – Reminder to registration option on homepage                                                                          

Finances                    Update finances and sponsoring (a task for all)

Social Media              Update incl. Siilo                                                                    

Hand therapy within PULPe                                                                                       

Symposium on Pediatric Hand Surgery, Rotterdam 2023: Update                               


  • What do you expect of PULPe? 
  • Case Discussions
  • SM activities Siilo/Instagram
  • Webinars (mostly on format; subjects to be collected online)
  • Organization: Structure of council
  • Young hand surgeons delegate
  • Organization: Functions  and term within council

Upcoming PULPe activities                                                                             


Functions within Council 

                                               Secretary                                             Daniel Weber  
                                               Treasurer                                             Wiebke Hülsemann

                                               Sponsoring                                           Mona Winge
                                               Hand therapists delegate                  Catherine Miller
                                               Homepage                                           Max Mann

                                               Social Media                                       Charlotte Jaloux, Emilie Bougie,Laura Montserrat,Ernst Smits

                                               Online case discussions on Siilo    Anne Sophie Kruit
                                               Young hand surgeons delegate             ????

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