Save the date: Madelung deformity

21 November 2022 at 8 pm (CET)

PULPe have assembled an experienced international faculty to discuss the management of Madelung deformity

Moderators: Wiebke Hülsemann & Mona Winge


Sebastian Farr: What is Madelung deformity                                                                   

 -Dan Zlotolow: Treatment of the immature Madelung patient (prophylaxis)

 -Manon Bachy: Treatment of the mature Madelung patient (2D versus 3D)

 -Abbas Peymani: The use of PROMs in the follow-up of Madelung patients 

The webinar will be valuable to residents/trainees, therapists and seasoned surgeons who will all gain from the breadth of the program.
There will be ample time for Q and A.
Registration starts in September 2022
The session is planned to be recorded

Registration: free but mandatory